GM Futurliner Restoration

Jay Leno at Pebble Beach

In the 1940's, GM commissioned the construction of 12 'Futurliners' to be used in the Parade of Progress, which traveled the US showing new cars and technology. These incredibly rare stylized buses were designed by Harley Earl and showcased the latest advances in science and technology. After 1956, the line was discontinued permanently, and the Futurliners were set to be disposed of by GM. Of the original 12, 4 are beyond repair, 2 are missing, 1 was recently sold at auction and the others are in various states of disrepair. The Futurliner sold at auction, Futurliner #11 commanded a winning bid of $4,000,000 -- A testament to the rarity and unique nature of these incredible buses.

Wyrick Company had the honor of working to help complete the restoration of Futurliner #10, widely believed to be the most accurately restored of this limited series. The restoration, which took place in Zeeland, Michigan, took 6 years and thousands of working-hours to complete. Wyrick Co., along with Montana Paints matched the original colors and provided all of the paint and supplies to get the Futurliner back into form. Today, Futurliner #10 can be seen traveling to car shows all around the country. Read More at

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